Wednesday, November 6, 2013

environment exploration

Spent tuesday doing doodles of ideas for subway terminals. spent today building up a couple of the sets in maya, and will go over them later to work on lighting and details. I know a lot of things are not to scale (i.e. staircases) but these are just for getting an idea of what the terminal might look like.


  1. Hey Jesse,

    These are pretty awesome, and thank you for taking the time to model out a set - but I think it might be straying too far from the original idea. Take a look again at the style guide I set up, and remember that the camera isn't going to move much. I think it would be best to design for the shot, rather than the world (hopefully that makes sense)

    Yes, this is ultimately going to be in 3D, but part of the charm that we like is that it will be reminiscent of the old school 2d animations. Take a look at what Geng is doing, and watch the animatic again. Hopefully that will help you with designing the set.

    The thumbnail on the 3rd page top right, in my opinion is the most successful (for our situation) because it looks like it could be the background in our film.

    Hopefully that helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask anytime!

  2. No worries Wendell. Thanks for the crit. I designed the world so I could find a good spot for the shot. A little reverse engineering if you know what I mean. I'll mock something up for that 3rd page thumb asap.