Monday, November 4, 2013

Purse Nightmare Character WIPs

Still having computer issues, but i've managed to get just a couple ideations done.
I'm working on the husband/wife scenario until said otherwise. I like the middle version best so far and will continue working on his design. The wife I'm still working on, as well as her purse-bot.


i picture the husband having varying personalities, from loving his wife and willing to get her purse without complaint, to a gruff, grouchy fellow who reluctantly leaves the sports game to pick it up. Or there's always the big macho manly husband to fall back on. 
As for the wife, I imagine her having a sort of owner/pet relationship with her purse. I was picturing her doting on her purse the way little kids coo over puppies, and the purse acting much like an affectionate creature, or spoiled brat when she's around and being a jerk to the husband when she's not looking. I got inspiration for the purse-bot from Calvin and Hobbes, with regards to Calvin's homicidal killer bike. Here are some initial explorations, but I'm going to start looking into what a futuristic purse will look like and try and put that into its design.

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