Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some ideas on shapes.

Shape Exploration

Yes, 3 of those robbers are just Wendels drawing as a multiply layer.... lol

Quick Motion/Shape Tween Test in Flash. As long as you keep the little white points that define the shape at the same number, everything's fine. If you shape tween when the number of points change, things get weird. I don't know how to Ease things in and out short of moving each individual point... if anyone know where that option is, that would be fantastic! Oh- and colors can grate from one to another (Purses eye) along with the tweens! It's rad!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Timing test for shot 7-8

 Matched the timing with the original animatics. I'll continue to research for father references.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scene 6 First Pass

The rough animation of my scene so far.  Only managed to get work done on the purse so the guy and the girl have no animation yet.

Idea for dad shot (UPDATE)

Changed the fathers reaction when the wife entered and added the missing purse. Any more tips would be good. Thanks guys!

scene 4 first pass

any comments/crit?

Idea for dad shot (scene 7 & 8)

Hey guys, so I had an idea for the opening dad shots. I was thinking about the comments last meeting about having more empathy for the father. One way would be having him be a loving father who works hard for his kids. We could add stains or make the sleeves rolled up unevenly to show hard work and exhaustion.  In this show, we'd show that after hours of rocking the baby to get him/her to go to sleep, he is starting to show his exhaustion too. right when he begins to close his eyes, his wife walks in, startling him slightly. We can look at other ways to add some humanity to the shot, so any other suggections would be great! Thanks guys!

*forgot to add the purse at the end, but it would be where she drops it on the couch.

Updated Model sheets